Business by the Book® Seminar


Everything you need to know about running a business can be found in the best-selling book of all time...the Bible. The Business by the Book® Seminar is a step-by-step presentation of how business should be run according to the Creator of all management rules.


This seminar offers radical principles of business management that go beyond the Ten Commandments and other biblical maxims.



Find out what the Bible says on topics such as:


  • Hiring and Firing Decisions
  • Pay Increases and Promotions
  • Borrowing and/or Lending Decisions


The Business by The Book® Seminar will teach business people in all walks of professional life how to practically achieve success and conduct business according to biblical principles.


Ask us about hosting this event at your business, organization, or bringing this live training to your local church.





"The true business of business is not just to make a profit, but also to do good - to do good while doing well."

No more excuses. It's time to get results.

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